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Pahal Nutrition, a leading fitness brand renowned for its premium fitness eatables and holistic fitness solutions. With a strong presence across India, boasting over 70 physical stores and a thriving online community with more than 1 million followers on Instagram and 250K subscribers on YouTube, Pahal Nutrition is dedicated to empowering individuals on their fitness journey.

The Problem

  • Pahal Nutrition required a robust POS application with a central management system to streamline operations across its extensive network of stores.
  • The challenge was to develop a user-friendly application catering to individuals with varying levels of technical proficiency.
  • Scalability was paramount, with the need to accommodate the expansion plans to serve up to 500 stores seamlessly.
  • Additionally, the solution needed to include various features such as inventory management, reporting functionalities, expense management, and different access levels for admin, store managers, and sellers.

The Solution

  • Developed a comprehensive POS application with a central management system, enabling seamless coordination and control over multiple stores.
  • Designed an intuitive user interface with simplified navigation and user-friendly functionalities to accommodate users of all technical backgrounds.
  • Implemented robust features including inventory management, a variety of reports (e.g., P/L, sales, stock), expense management, and stock in and out tracking.
  • Incorporated a centralized main store/main stock inventory system to ensure efficient management of stock across all stores.
  • Provided different access levels (admin, store manager, seller) to ensure appropriate permissions and control over system functionalities.